ApexSQL announces full support for Azure SQL database in FREE community editions of our tools

We are excited to announce FREE support for Azure SQL database in all of our tools where Azure is applicable and/or possible. As we were a little late to the Azure party, we wanted to at least arrive with a splash 😉

Click here for our ApexSQL SQL Azure page for more information.

Full Azure support is part of the FREE community versions of our tools, along with SQL Express support and in some cases, other features. No activation or licensing is required. The FREE trial will simply turn into a community version after the trial period.

Currently ApexSQL tools with support for SQL Azure are:

ApexSQL Diff – Compare and synchronize database views, tables, and all other objects supported by SQL Database.

ApexSQL Data Diff – Compare and synchronize data in SQL Databases and generate comprehensive reports on the detected differences.

ApexSQL Clean – Analyze SQL Database objects’ dependencies, the impact of potential deletions on a SQL Database and clean up unreferenced objects and visualize dependencies.

ApexSQL Doc – Generate comprehensive documentation of your SQL Database in a number of formats including CHM, HTML and Microsoft Word’s DOC and DOCX, PDF.

ApexSQL Trigger – Capture the data changes that have occurred on the SQL Database including information on who made the change, affected objects, when the change occurred, the SQL login, application, and host used to make the change.

We’ll be adding Azure to more tools soon. See our SQL Azure page for a full breakdown and also our What’s Next page for estimated release dates.


October 3, 2014