Did you know

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  • The SQL Shack is a new, cool SQL content blog with almost no ads and no registration
  • We fully support our FREE tools with email support, ad hoc bug fixes, patches, feature requests, etc
  • We have an aggressive road map of new releases. Learn more
  • Volume discounts at ApexSQL are cumulative. We’ll credit you a volume discount on subsequent orders
  • To get support all you have to do is email support@apexsql.com. If needed we’d be happy to WebEx!
  • You can upgrade to a bundle, just for the difference in price, as long as you are under subscription
  • We hire customers and community members to write for us. Contact community@apexsql.com
  • We offer the best product support and customer service in our industry. If you didn’t experience that, see next
  • You can email or call our CEO anytime, 24/7/365 at ceo@apexsql.com or +1 919 360-0511

February 4, 2015