SQL Solution center round-up – July 5th, 2013

In the latest SQL Solution center articles we focused on SQL Server database auditing techniques and recovery options

Here is the aggregated summary for the past two weeks:

July 12, 2013

ApexSQL Trigger 2013 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Trigger 2013 has been released

Type: New version

About ApexSQL Trigger: ApexSQL Trigger is an auditing tool for SQL Server databases which captures the data changes that have occurred on the database including information on who made the change, which objects were affected by it, when was it made, as well as information on the SQL login, application and host used to make the change. It stores all captured information in a central repository and exports them in print friendly formats. For more information visit the ApexSQL Trigger product page

April 11, 2013

Using a centralized SQL auditing model

By default, ApexSQL Trigger stores all captured information in the audited database itself. However, a central repository database can be used for all audited data instead. The advantages of using a centralized SQL auditing model can be summed up as:

  • Auditing maintenance advantages
  • Audit reporting advantages
February 28, 2013

SQL trigger management features – ApexSQL Trigger

The main components of ApexSQL Trigger are generated SQL triggers that capture and store changed data by insert, update and delete SQL statements.

ApexSQL Trigger has a variety of interface features to allow viewing and managing of existing triggers including the ability to:

  • Filter or sort in various ways for reviewing by table name, status, type (Insert, Update or Delete statement auditing) or by schema
  • Disable or enable by selection
  • Delete by selection or all at once
  • Generate trigger DDL scripts
February 25, 2013