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Community editions will be renamed Azure editions starting with 2019 versions

Azure editions will no longer be free. Prices for individual tools will be $99 per user. Once upgraded to the 2019 version, users will need to activate the Azure editions.

ApexSQL Developer will have three editions: Azure, Standard and Professional. All existing customers will be credited with the Professional edition

Why upgrade?

Upgrading from current 2018 community editions to 2019 Azure editions will allow users access to continued features, fixes and product support. For example, MySQL support that will begin to be rolled out in the 2019 versions. Also, by having a current subscription, you will be entitled to continued product support as well.

Existing users with 2018 or lower version installed will still be able to use the free edition of the tool as long as they have it installed on their machines. However, if they want to use new features and improvements, they will need to upgrade to a new 2019 version and to the paid Azure edition of the tool

Tools that are affected by this change

ApexSQL Developer tools that used to have Community edition are affected. That includes:

Pricing for Azure editions

All Azure editions will be priced at $99, $119 and $134 for 1, 2 and 3 year subscriptions.

Prices for ApexSQL Developer Azure (that includes all Azure edition tools) will be $399, $479 and $539 for 1, 2 and 3 year subscriptions.


For this initial transition period, we are offering a 50% coupon discount for existing users for all Azure editions. This applies to Azure edition of ApexSQL Developer bundle as well.


Please email us at and we’ll help with ordering or use AZURE50 coupon code for online purchases


March 30, 2019