Data loss recovery insurance: Insure your SQL Server instances against accidental data loss for as little as $28 per instance per year

ApexSQL has offered two tools in the SQL Server data recovery space

  • ApexSQL Log for forensic auditing and transaction rollback, using the transaction log and
  • ApexSQL Recover, a tool to reverse and recover from data loss from a variety of operations like truncate, drop tables etc.

Recently, we’ve combined all of the recovery features of these tools into the new ApexSQL Recover 2018. This means that a single tool can be utilized to react to and recover from a variety of data loss events.

Having combined and consolidated the recovery features of these tools into one was a big step forward in improving the customer facing experience of our recovery technology, but another challenge remained, how the tools are often procured, which itself was affected by the way the tools are licensed.

The challenges of just-in-time-procurement of recovery software

Often these tools are requisitioned at the point of failure, when a particular incident occurs. Failures often occur at odd hours, weekends, etc., which can make procuring the tool, by non-online means like purchase order, challenging.

ApexSQL doesn’t offer recovery services, per se, but we do fully support our tools. Managing emergencies, though, can also be a challenge in terms of staff availability, support windows, etc. if there are any questions, problems or help needed during the recovery process.

Teams often have little time to familiarize themselves with the software and feature set, as they may be under time pressure to resolve the crisis immediately. This can contribute to scenarios where recoveries are incomplete or completed, but with an undue amount of stress.

The challenges of a per instance usage model

Purchasing license of these tools on an as-needed basis can be expensive and unless lightning strikes twice on that particular server, there may be no need for the functionality again for some time, or ever.

But without alternatives, many companies would opt to procure such software only on an as-needed basis, due to the cost.

The solution – New per usage model

We’ve introduced an additional model which aims to reduce costs both per instance and per incident. By offering up a set of activations, at lower cost than per instance, an organization can cover all of their servers and utilize the software as needed, at a much lower total cost per instance and incident covered.


For example, if a customer were to purchase a floating license that included 10 activations, they could essentially insure 100 instances from inadvertent or accidental data loss, based on an incident rate of 10% per year.

The costs would be $70 per instance. By renewing the subscription, each year, for 25% of the original cost, the total cost of ownership would be $140 per instance or $28 per instance per year or $280 per incident.

So for a cost of $28 per SQL Server instance per year, this particular customer would essentially insure 100 SQL Server instances against various data loss scenarios for 5 years.

We’ve posted a convenient online calculator to allow you to experiment with other scenarios, varying the number of SQL Server instances and the % of data loss incidents you predict e.g. 10%.

See ApexSQL floating licenses for more information on “floating” licenses.

Other advantages

With such a proactive solution, DBAs can take time to download, install and learn the tool and even practice various recovery scenarios and train other staff on using the technology. This mitigates the requirement for the point-of-incident support and ensures a higher potential for more successful recoveries. Having already purchased activation keys, there is no need for late night credit card orders or faxed POs.

Prospective customers can take the time to fully avail themselves of demos, pre-sales questions, and thorough evaluation processes without the pressure to resolve a data loss scenario immediately.

By investing resources up front, customers can accrue more powerful capabilities to deal with data loss scenarios and ensure higher responsiveness in reacting to them, all for pennies on the dollar compared to per instance licensing.

We would encourage anyone interested in this software to

  1. Avail yourself of our many data recovery solution articles
  2. Download ApexSQL Recover
  3. Evaluate the tool for 14 days
  4. Engage with our support staff with any and all questions, pre-sale
  5. Contact us to schedule a demo of the full capabilities and features of the tool


December 8, 2017