First commercial ApexSQL refactor version to be released – $99 initial offer

ApexSQL Refactor 2010 will be available before the year ends. This will be ApexSQL Refactor’s first commercial version. You can purchase this software for an introductory price of $99 (price will eventually be changed to $199). To take advantage of this introductory offer, enter INTROPRICE99 coupon code upon checkout. Purchase Orders will also be accepted

Apart from the formatting feature already available in the FREE version, ApexSQL Refactor 2010 also contains the following:

  1. “Qualify Object Name” Refactor which fully qualifies all object names found in the SQL code
  2. “Expand Wildcards” Refactor which replaces wildcards found in the SQL code with the actual object names
  3. “Encapsulate As Scalar Inline Function” Refactor which encapsulates selected SQL code into scalar inline functions
  4. “Encapsulate As Table Inline Function” Refactor which encapsulates selected SQL code into table inline function
  5. “Encapsulate As Stored Procedure” Refactor which encapsulates selected SQL code into stored procedure
  6. “Copy SQL Code As” Refactor which encapsulates SQL code into a customizable client code language syntax and copies it to clipboard
  7. Shortly after the initial 2010 release, we’ll be adding the following refactors too:

  8. Smart Rename columns – Renames columns in tables and views
  9. Smart Rename objects – Replaces all occurrences of old object name with new object name. This includes functions and procedures
  10. Smart Rename Parameters – Generates ALTER statement to modify function/procedure declaration and all other occurrences of the parameter to new parameter name
  11. Remove Parameters – Removes parameter from function and procedure declarations and calls

More will be added in subsequent versions; check out our Refactor Roadmap to see what’s coming soon

About ApexSQL Refactor
ApexSQL Refactor is a SQL formatter and database refactoring tool for SQL Server. Format SQL queries, refactor SQL code, database tables and much more

December 4, 2009