ApexSQL Recover 2011 – Product Update Alert

ApexSQL Recover 2011 has been released

Type: New version

Description: Direct-to-database recovery and new recovery options. Native x64 support. Redesigned interface. Additional (CTP3) SQL Denali support, performance and quality improvements

October 21, 2011

ApexSQL Clean 2011 – Product Update Alert

ApexSQL Clean 2011 has been released

Type: New version

Description: Improved performance. Easier clean-up script generation. Interface enhancements. Additional (CTP3) SQL Denali support

October 21, 2011

Automatic SQL completion and other productivity enhancing features available as SSMS or VS add-in – Sneak Peek – ApexSQL Complete 2011

ApexSQL, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and leading provider of Microsoft SQL Server solutions is proud to announce

ApexSQL Complete 2011. This brand new add-in seamlessly integrates with SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio and, among other features, includes enhanced auto-completion, visual identification of unused parameters and variables, auto-replacements, templates and many more productivity boosters.

September 21, 2011

Top Guns for July 2011 announced

We’ve announced the Top Gun for July 2011:

#1 Troy Stauffer
#2 Paulo Morgado
#3 Louis Rivers

Congratulations to all winners.
Check out the Top Gun prizes and previous winners list.

August 5, 2011