SQL Solution center round-up – August 8th, 2013

In the latest SQL Solution center articles, we focused on SQL Server database recovery and restoration

Here is the aggregated summary for the past two weeks:

How to recover views, stored procedures, functions, and triggers: ApexSQL Log vs fn_dblog function – In this article we analyzed two possible ways to recover SQL objects (views, stored procedures, functions, and triggers) lost to accidental DROP statement use. The fn_dblog function is a powerful tool, but to use it, one requires the knowledge of the SQL and transaction log structure, unlike with ApexSQL Log. The latter enables lost data recovery with the simple point-and-click recovery technique

ApexSQL Restore – Verifying SQL database backups automatically – the article describes different database backup restoration and verification methods. Learn how to schedule database backup restoration via SQL jobs using SQL Server Management Studio and the ApexSQL Restore Command Line Interface. The advantages of ApexSQL Restore backup verification are quicker restoration and decreased hard disk space usage (up to 99%)

August 13, 2013