How are ApexSQL tools licensed?

Initial notes on licensing

All ApexSQL software are sold as perpetual licenses. All software purchases include at least a 1-year support and upgrades contract

This means that the software is licensed for life and you can use that version forever aka in perpetuity

Support and upgrades can be renewed for 25% of the initial purchase price

While support and upgrades contract is current, customers are entitled to free upgrades to major versions e.g. 2016 and product support. Bundle customers e.g. ApexSQL Developer as also eligible for Priority support and new products added to the bundle as well, as major upgrades.

By product category

ApexSQL tools are grouped into 2 categories: DBA tools and Developer tools. Licensing is either per SQL Server instance or per user.

DBA tools are licensed per SQL Server instance

This means that each instance requires a license. If there are 3 instances, 3 licenses are needed. It’s irrelevant whether these 3 instances are on a single physical machine or on three machines. The number of licenses also doesn’t depend on virtualization or the number of users.

Developer tools are licensed per user

This means that one user needs one license, regardless the number of computers he/she uses (within reason). If a single developer/DBA works on multiple machines (a workstation at work, laptop, home computer, etc.), additional licenses aren’t required

The number of licenses doesn’t depend on the number of machines or virtualization.

ApexSQL Universal has hybrid licensing

This means that some tools in ApexSQL Universal are licensed per user, and some per instance.

The bundle includes

  • 1 instance license each for DBA tools
  • 1 user license each for Developer tools
  • Dedicated support for free tools

Click here for a current list of tools by category

How many licenses do I need?

For a DBA tool, the number of licenses is equal to the number of instances you will be using the tool on.

For a Developer tool, the number of licenses is equal to the number of users that will be using the tool.

What if I need the tool on more computers?

For a DBA tool, no additional license is needed if you use the tool GUI on another machine to connect to an instance that’s already licensed.

For a Developer tool no additional license is needed, as additional computers are covered by licensing per user.

How do I license on a virtualized environment?

The number of virtual machines is irrelevant, as licensing is based on the number of instances/users you have.

How do I license ApexSQL server tools on mirrored databases?

Each instance used in mirroring requires a license.

How do I license ApexSQL server tools in clusters?

Each instance on active nodes requires a license. Instances on the passive nodes don’t require licensing.

Please see our Sales FAQs for additional FAQs

June 10, 2014