ApexSQL Build 2015 R2 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Build 2015 R2 has been released.

Type: Minor feature, medium fix release

About ApexSQL Build: ApexSQL Build is a SQL database deployment tool that builds new databases and updates existing ones by packaging SQL scripts, SQL script folders, database snapshots, and scripts under version control into a single deployment SQL script, a .NET solution, or an executable installer. It allows specifying the objects to be created or updated, ensures error-free deployment, enables executing SQL scripts against multiple SQL Servers simultaneously, and more.

July 31, 2015

Recovery flow chart

There are numerous issues that can bring up to the data loss scenarios. The first thing every good DBA needs to do is to ensure that a post-disaster period has been handled with care. In order to ensure that the data can be recovered, or malicious changes reverted, it is strongly advisable to take the following steps immediately after an incident:

July 29, 2015

ApexSQL Generate 2015 R4 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Generate 2015 R4 has been released.

Type: Medium feature, major fix release

About ApexSQL Generate: ApexSQL Generate generates test data for specified columns and tables. It exports test data to SQL, XML, and CSV files, or execute it directly against the database.

July 23, 2015

Satori team update: ApexSQL Source Control

What have you been working on?

  • We have been working on bug fixes, improving usability and general quality along with introducing the several user requested features
  • Linked static data by one user will be visible to all users from now on along with the ability to delete it from source control repository
  • Users will have the possibility to add a directory to the repository root in Git and Mercurial source control systems
  • We have introduced object filtering feature for all objects that exists only on source control repository only
  • Those features will be included in ApexSQL Source Control R9 along with previously implemented working folder feature
July 23, 2015

Golf team update: ApexSQL Monitor

What have you been working on?

We have been adding new features for ApexSQL Monitor R4 and working on performance and usability improvements

We have also been redesigning the UI in order to improve performance and usability and we are adding support for failover clusters and the ability to monitor SQL Server instance using different Windows credentials

July 17, 2015

Delta team update: ApexSQL Generate

What have you been working on?

Our focus has mostly been on ApexSQL Generate. We’ve been fixing bugs, incorporating new features and improving usability in order to make ApexSQL Generate the best tool on the market for test data generation.

July 16, 2015

ApexSQL Complete 2014 R11 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Complete 2014 R11 has been released

Type: Maintenance release

About ApexSQL Complete: ApexSQL Complete is a SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio add-in, which speeds up coding by automatically completing SQL code statement, filling in SQL code fragments and more.

July 14, 2015