ApexSQL Data Diff for MySQL 2021 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Data Diff for MySQL 2021 has been released

About ApexSQL Data Diff for MySQL: ApexSQL Data Diff for MySQL is a MySQL Server data comparison and synchronization tool that can detect data differences between two MySQL databases and resolves them without any errors. Besides MySQL versions, it also supports Azure Database, Amazon RDS for MySQL, and MariaDB. It generates data comparison results, creates automation scripts, and the comparison and synchronization process can be automated and run unattended.

March 22, 2021

ApexSQL Manage 2020 R7 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Manage 2020 R7 has been released

About ApexSQL Manage: ApexSQL Manage is an enterprise SQL Server tool used to discover SQL Server instances on the network and provide a high-level analysis of configuration. ApexSQL Manage enforces best practices by reviewing and detecting issues on discovered instances and can compare SQL Server instances and snapshots, as well as to create detailed documentation at the server level in Word, PDF, HTML and CHM file formats. Additionally, the application allows the creation of SQL Server instance snapshots, active SQL Server login management on multiple instances and executes SQL scripts to fix failed health check results.

February 25, 2021

ApexSQL Source Control 2021 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Source Control 2021 has been released

About ApexSQL Source Control: ApexSQL Source Control is a SQL Server Management Studio add-in to version control SQL databases and objects. It integrates with all major source control systems and allows database developers to work together on a shared or a dedicated database copy. ApexSQL Source Control provides full object versioning features such as object locking with team policies management, detailed view of changes history, conflict resolution, labeling, and more.

February 19, 2021

ApexSQL Complete 2021 R2 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Complete 2021 R2 has been released

About ApexSQL Complete: ApexSQL Complete is a SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio add-in, that speeds up coding by automatically completing SQL code statements, filling in SQL code fragments and more.

February 18, 2021

ApexSQL Enforce 2019 R2 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Enforce 2019 R2 has been released

About ApexSQL Enforce: ApexSQL Enforce is a best practices enforcement tool for SQL Server database objects and scripts. It comes with an integrated editor featuring code auto-complete for writing custom rules and has more than 100 out of the box rules covering SQL best practices, naming conventions, potential configurations and more.

February 11, 2021

ApexSQL Unit Test 2019 R2 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Unit Test 2019 R2 has been released

About ApexSQL Unit Test: ApexSQL Unit Test is a SQL Server Management Studio add-in, to maintain and run SQL database unit tests. It allows you to create unit tests and organize them in test classes. In addition, a single test case can be executed, as well as all tests from a single class or all tests against a single database with just a single click. Test execution can be automated using the CLI, along with exporting test execution results to XML, SQL script, or SQL database table.

February 11, 2021

ApexSQL Diff 2021 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Diff 2021 R1 has been released

About ApexSQL Diff: ApexSQL Diff is a SQL Server and Azure SQL database comparison and synchronization tool which detects differences between database objects and resolves them without errors. It compares and synchronizes live databases, native or natively compressed database backups, database snapshots, scripts in source control and script folders and generates comprehensive reports on the detected differences.

February 10, 2021

ApexSQL Generate 2020 R3 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Generate 2020 R3 has been released

About ApexSQL Generate: ApexSQL Generate is a tool that can populate SQL databases with test data using multiple generators for each column. It supports a full range of SQL data types and can recognize them in a loaded SQL database and provide real-world test data based on contained data types. It can generate randomized test data using the Random generator and various options and using the Regular expression generator, sequential data using the Incremental generator, and much more.

February 3, 2021