ApexSQL Monitor 2017 – Screen shot tour

ApexSQL Monitor is a web based application that utilizes a single main menu.

The main menu allows navigation to various application pages including Home page, instances dashboard, alerts review, reporting on collected data, monitoring configuration, application administration, resources, and Add server for adding the new SQL Server instance for monitoring:

April 25, 2017

ApexSQL Audit 2017 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Audit 2017 has been released

About ApexSQL Audit: ApexSQL Audit is a SQL Server auditing tool with a wide range of features for auditing access, changes, and security on SQL Server instances, databases, and objects. It audits queries, DDL and DML operations, security events (authentication changes, permissions changes, and attempted logins), events on stored procedures and functions. ApexSQL Audit saves captured information in a centralized auditing repository and provides comprehensive reports.

April 20, 2017