ApexSQL tool icons – Screen shot tour

Following introduction of visual themes and other UI enhancements in all ApexSQL tools and with an installer update, It is time for ApexSQL tool icons to also get a small facelift. With this brief screenshot tour, we will introduce the new icon designs for ApexSQL tools. All screenshots in this article display the icons in their natural habitats and no icons were hurt in the production of this content!

August 29, 2018

ApexSQL Discover 2018 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Discover 2018 has been released

Type: Initial release

About ApexSQL Discover: ApexSQL Discover is SQL Server tool used for scanning local network domain for SQL Server instances, as well as SSRS, SSIS and SSAS services. The application allows scan process automation through custom scheduled jobs and provides email notifications with scan results. Version number is displayed for all registered instances, and version update notifications are shown automatically when new updates are available. It provides real time graph of CPU, memory and disk usage for each registered SQL Server instance.

August 28, 2018

ApexSQL Source Control 2018 R5 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Source Control 2018 R5 has been released

About ApexSQL Source Control: ApexSQL Source Control is a SQL Server Management Studio add-in to version control SQL databases and objects. It integrates with all major source control systems and allows database developers to work together on a shared or a dedicated database copy. ApexSQL Source Control provides full object versioning features such as object locking with team policies management, detailed view of changes history, conflict resolution, labeling and more.

August 24, 2018

ApexSQL Analyze 2018 R2 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Analyze 2018 R2 has been released

About ApexSQL Analyze: ApexSQL Analyze analyzes graphical SQL Server database object dependencies and the impact of potential deletions on your SQL database. It determines object interrelationships within the database, and allows dependency diagrams appearance customization

August 10, 2018

ApexSQL Doc 2018 R2 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Doc 2018 R2 has been released

About ApexSQL Doc: ApexSQL Doc is a documentation tool for SQL Server instances, databases, objects, SQL Server Integration Services packages, SQL Server Analysis Services cubes, SQL Server Reporting Services reports, Tableau server sites and SharePoint Server farms. It generates comprehensive documentation in a number of formats including CHM, HTML, Microsoft Word’s DOC and DOCX, and PDF.

August 2, 2018

ApexSQL Data Diff 2018 R4 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Data Diff 2018 R4 has been released

About ApexSQL Data Diff: ApexSQL Data Diff is a SQL Server data comparison and synchronization tool that detects data differences and resolves them without errors. It compares and synchronizes live databases, database backups, and data under source control. ApexSQL Data Diff integrates with SQL Server Management Studio and has a command line interface, to allow for unattended execution.

July 31, 2018

ApexSQL Monitor 2018 R6 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Monitor 2018 R6 has been released

About ApexSQL Monitor: ApexSQL Monitor is a Windows and SQL Server monitoring tool with a wide range of monitored metrics. It tracks Windows, SQL Server, AlwaysOn Availability Group and Failover Cluster instances, and database metrics on multiple local and remote machines and SQL Server instances. It monitors the most important SQL Server statistics, memory, buffer, and page metrics – batch requests per second, user connections, target and total server memory, buffer cache hit ratio, batch requests, page life expectancy, page reads and writes per second, and more. ApexSQL Monitor also tracks SQL Server wait statistics including the individual query wait statistics. Monitoring these metrics enables you to identify and troubleshoot performance problems, establish trends, set baselines, and generate built-in or custom reports.

July 30, 2018