What happened to the ApexSQL Free Tools?

Some of you may have noticed that we have taken some tools, that were previously free, and combined them into our new “Fundamentals Toolkit”. We have done this for some good reasons that we’d like to share.

Since many of you use these tools in production and other environments, we’ve had consistent feedback that you’d like formal support and maintenance on these products, which is not available for freeware.

  • We want to dedicate our R&D resources to ensure that all the ApexSQL tools reach the same high standard that users have come to expect
  • Many of these tools were presented as a preview back when they were first released. Today they are fully featured and rival commercial equivalents available from other vendors
  • We want to continue innovating with these tools and integrate them with our DevOps and Operations Toolkits – to deliver streamlined workflows that maximize your team’s productivity

We are committed to building a category-leading toolset to support SQL Server and MySQL customers well into the future.


November 13, 2020