ApexSQL CICD toolkit wins DevOps 2020 Innovator Product Excellence award for Continuous Database Integration

ApexSQL was proud to be a recent recipient of the DevOps 2020 Innovator Product Excellence award in the category of Continuous Database Integration by Enterprise Management Associates, Inc, for the ApexSQL CICD toolkit.

For more information about this award and to be able to download a full copy of the research and analysis and a full list of awardees see Enterprise Management Associates Announces EMA DevOps 2020 Top 3 and Innovator Product Awards

The ApexSQL CICD toolkit is a free automation layer that works seamlessly with existing ApexSQL tools. It comes in three flavors including open source PowerShell cmdlets, a web dashboard and plug-ins for popular build-server/release automation systems like TeamCity, Bamboo and Jenkins.

“I am happy that ApexSQL was recognized in the same category as Database CICD juggernauts like Datical, DBMaestro and Redgate, particularly since our offering is quite new, having just released our web dashboard a couple months ago. With our aggressive release plan of more build-server plug-ins as well as MySQL support, we hope this product will gain in popularity and market penetration even more.”Brian Lockwood, CEO, ApexSQL

EMA 2020 DevOps awards

EMA DevOps 2020 awards are based on rigorous evaluation criteria driven by customer experience. Nine categories were used to score each product.

  • Product segment penetration
  • Product design, architecture, and scalability
  • Ease of integration and interoperability with other systems
  • Useful features relative to other competing products
  • Ease of deployment and use
  • Ease of administration
  • Cost relative to capabilities
  • Vendor support, services, and reputation
  • Product satisfaction

DevOps Innovator Product Excellence Award

Awards are based on customer-driven evaluations of products currently in use. Evaluating product use, capabilities, and satisfaction provides a way to identify products that truly excel at supporting customer needs. An EMA Innovator Product Excellence Award is assigned to products in a market segment who demonstrate high levels of feature effectiveness and/or product satisfaction. The Innovator Product Excellence Award identification is based on four factors:

  • A product must have a DevOps 2020 survey penetration rate of 1% or more in its market segment
  • A product must have two or more average feature/satisfaction category scores of 3 or higher (on a 4 pt scale), or a product must have one or more average feature/satisfaction category scores of 3.5 or higher in its market segment
  • A product’s overall DevOps 2020 score must be in the top 15% of its market segment

“Each of the award winning products in the continuous database integration market is worthy of serious consideration in its respective DevOps segment”, said Stephen D. Hendrick, research director at EMA. “One of the areas EMA investigated closely was DevOps for the database, which includes the Continuous Database Integration and Database Release Orchestration segments. These are especially important and emerging DevOps market segments. While product use is less than the more common DevOps markets, anticipated growth for 2018 and 2019 is quite high.”

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August 1, 2018