ApexSQL DevOps toolkit 2018 R7 – Product update alert

ApexSQL DevOps toolkit 2018 R7 has been released

About ApexSQL DevOps toolkit: ApexSQL DevOps toolkit is a set of open source PowerShell cmdlets for automating work flow pipelines to integrate database changes, test and deliver to production. It supports integration with Bamboo, Jenkins, TeamCity, AppVeyor, GoCD, CruiseControl, Hudson, Visual Studio Team Services, Team Foundation Server, and other CI/CD servers. It contains predefined Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) PowerShell script templates for standalone use where all pipeline steps can be customized, reordered, added and removed. It also contains a native TeamCity, a native Atlassian Bamboo, a native Jenkins continuous integration server plugin and a standalone Web dashboard for configuration and execution of CI and CD workflow pipelines via point and click graphical interface.

For more information, visit the ApexSQL DevOps toolkit product page

About this release:

ApexSQL DevOps toolkit – Web dashboard


  • Navigating away from the General options page now displays confirmation dialogue in case changes are not saved
  • Pipeline configuration changes can now be saved or discarded with Save and Cancel buttons
  • The Audit step now automatically excludes tables with existing auditing triggers from new triggers implementation
  • Syntax in the additional parameters text field is now highlighted

Improved quality:

  • 10 bugs and known issues fixed


  • Breadcrumb navigation link now displays “Edit pipeline” text instead of pipeline name when editing an existing pipeline
  • The view mode toggle option is now streamlined in the Pipeline and Data sources view
  • Source and target database connection fields are no longer mandatory when project file is included in a step configuration
  • The text labels that show a pipeline trigger type are replaced with icons
  • Execution button now has Scheduled label for the Pipeline with On schedule type trigger
  • Execution button now has Pending commit label for the Pipeline with On commit type trigger
  • Schema sync step is now Sync step
  • Data sync step is now Sync data step
  • Default installation folder is now changed to ‘C:\Program Files\ApexSQL\ApexSQL DevOps toolkit’
  • Default execution output folder path is now changed to ‘%AppData%\ApexSQL\ApexSQL DevOps toolkit’
  • Default projects folder path is now changed to ‘MyDocuments\ApexSQL\ApexSQL DevOps toolkit dashboard\Projects’

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December 25, 2018