ApexSQL Doc 2008.04.0219 – Product update alert

A Medium Feature, Medium Fix version of ApexSQL Doc 2008.04.0219 has been posted.

Use the following link for downloading.

Here are the complete release notes for the new version.

Auto-updater will work on this version.

IMPORTANT: Starting this release all our products will work only with .Net Framework 2.0 SP1.
.Net Framework 2.0 SP1 Redistributable Package can be obtained from here.

Known issue:
– The fix for “linked server exec in stored proc” issue needs to ensure that the calls to the remote procedures match case with the linked server name

Product Update Alerts will be posted on this blog. For automatic notification pls subscribe to RSS Feed.
The product will also automatically check for and notify users of new versions (as well as allow for automatic update via the application interface).

About ApexSQL Doc
ApexSQL Doc documents SQL Servers, databases, objects, and SSIS packages in a single document. Create database documentation in a variety of formats including compiled help (.CHM), HTML and MS Word. Schedule your documentation process unattended with the help of the CLI.

September 23, 2008