ApexSQL Monitor 2016 R2 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Monitor 2016 R2 has been released

Type: Medium feature, medium fix release

About ApexSQL Monitor: ApexSQL Monitor is a Windows and SQL Server monitoring tool with a wide range of monitored metrics. It tracks Windows, SQL Server instance, and database metrics on multiple local and remote machines and SQL Server instances. It monitors the most important SQL Server statistics, memory, buffer, and page metrics – batch requests per second, user connections, target and total server memory, buffer cache hit ratio, batch requests, page life expectancy, page reads and writes per second, and more. ApexSQL Monitor also tracks SQL Server wait statistics including the individual queries wait statistics. Monitoring these metrics enables you to identify and troubleshoot performance problems, establish trends, and set baselines.

For more information visit the ApexSQL Monitor product page.

About this release:


  • Full support for AlwaysOn availability groups monitoring with graphical presentation of all WSFC nodes and AG replicas including the relations
  • Index monitoring including the index metrics and graphical presentation
  • Stricter alerting engine ensures triggering only alerts that complies with user defined alert period
  • Alert management with ability to resolve individual alerts, insert comments and reporting on active and resolved alerts
  • Query performance and query waits alerting
  • Query performance history
  • Individual query history
  • SNMP notifications on alerts
  • Improved functionality of custom metrics
  • Performance improvements

Improved quality:

  • Nearly 80 bugs and known issues fixed


  • Query waits configuration dialog is redesigned
  • Redesigned graphical presentation of the wait statistic tab
  • Complete GUI and functional redesign of the custom metrics tab

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August 15, 2016