ApexSQL Monitor vs the competition: Comparison matrix

We have just posted a new comparison matrix of ApexSQL Monitor vs other SQL Server performance monitoring tools, highlighting comparative feature sets. Click here to see the matrix

ApexSQL Monitor is a very new entrant to this crowded field, but with the 2016 release, we’ve made a major step closer to feature parity with some large enterprise products that have been around much longer. For several features, ApexSQL Monitor offers the feature when one of more of these other tools don’t.

With our R2 release later in Q1 we’ll be adding Index and Query performance monitoring. And in Q2, we’ll be releasing R3 with additional monitoring support for VMware and Hyper-V, along with SNMP trap alerts, and performance issue analysis. We also plan to offer a fully functional web interface, in addition to the windows interface. We hope to end the year with a very strong contender in the SQL Server performance monitoring space but continue to offer the product at a very compelling price point.

We’ll be updating this matrix with each new release of ApexSQL Monitor. If you have comments, suggestions, errata etc. please email support@apexsql.com

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Note: We have a similar offer for ApexSQL Backup and ApexSQL Source Control


January 27, 2016