ApexSQL Plan 2018 R6 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Plan 2018 R6 has been released

About ApexSQL Plan: ApexSQL Plan is a SQL query analysis and optimization tool. It identifies performance issues and deadlocks, analyzes stored procedures, SQL Server query issues and query execution plans, and helps you understand query performance characteristics.

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About this release:


  • Undo action is added in the context menu when remove row action is performed in the tabs containing rows with analytical data
  • Lazy profile data can now be exported to HTML
  • A control button for minimizing and restoring the main ribbon menu is added
  • History tab item can now be removed by using the Delete key
  • Smoother timeline control slider in the Live query execution view

Improved quality:

  • 16 bugs and known issues fixed


  • The application now requires Microsoft .NET framework 4.7.2
  • System procedures syntax color in the query editor for dark theme
  • Actual and Estimate data in execution plan node in Properties and Operations tree tabs are now grouped in separate expandable nodes
  • Inactive Query text tab button in management tab of the main ribbon menu is removed when plan comparison and query parameters views are shown
  • Expand/Collapse commands are removed from execution plan diagram context menu when not available
  • Export diagram option form the Dashboard context menu is renamed to Save diagram
  • Scrollbars in execution plan Customization and Properties panes are removed
  • Visible grey background when generating an execution plan is now removed
  • Syntax color in XML view tab is changed
  • Color of the tab outlines is changed for the dark theme
  • Removed “Exploring Low Priority Lock Wait Options” link used in Additional research section for LCK_M_SCH_S_ABORT_BLOCKERS Wait type
  • Warning type message is replaced with an information type message when starting the Query store on SQL Server

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December 18, 2018