ApexSQL Recover 2011 R3 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Recover 2011 R3 has been released

Type: Maintenance release

About ApexSQL Recover: ApexSQL Recover is a recovery tool for SQL Server databases which recovers deleted, truncated, corrupted or damaged data. It recovers objects and data lost due to drop operations and restores both deleted and online BLOBs as files making it ideal for SharePoint recoveries

For more information, visit the ApexSQL Recover product page

About this release:

  • The application now fully supports Windows 8.1
  • Fixed:
    • Rows from a partitioned table cannot be recovered if the online transaction log is not selected as a data source
    • When SQL Server Service is running under a Network Service or Local Service account, the application stores all server side log files and metadata in the C:\Windows folder
  • Usability improvements:
    • Options for setting the intermediary and output folders have been introduced

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October 17, 2013