ApexSQL Recover 2014 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Recover 2014 has been released

Type: New version

About ApexSQL Recover: ApexSQL Recover is a recovery tool for SQL Server databases which recovers deleted, truncated, corrupted or damaged data. It recovers objects and data lost due to drop operations and recovers records from corrupted MDF files. It restores deleted and reads online BLOBs as files making it ideal for SharePoint recoveries.

For more information, visit the ApexSQL Recover product page

About this release:

  • Faster and easier ApexSQL Recover server-side component installation for remote servers
  • The server-side components are no longer required for a local SQL Server instance database recovery
  • Support for SQL Server 2014
  • Improved usability

    • Simplified installation with fewer setup steps and less user interaction
    • Simplified data sources selection
    • The Help me decide option is introduced
    • Options are renamed and dialogs redesigned
  • New UI style
  • Fixed:

    • The “The specified schema name “<schema_name>” either does not exist or you do not have permission to use it.” error is encountered when recovering a table with a non-default/existing schema
    • The “Unexpected error – Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.” error is encountered when recovering deleted data from specific databases
    • The main form flickers when selecting areas in the left menu
    • The application cannot automatically detect the database recovery model

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April 17, 2014