ApexSQL Unit Test 2016 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Unit Test 2016 has been released

Type: Initial release

About ApexSQL Unit Test: ApexSQL Unit Test is a SQL Server Management Studio add-in, to maintain and run SQL database unit tests. It allows you to create unit tests and organize them in test classes. In addition, a single test case can be executed, as well as all tests from a single class or all tests against a single database with just a single click. Test execution can be automated using the CLI, along with exporting test execution results as an XML file.

For more information, visit the ApexSQL Unit Test product page

About this release:

  • Supports SQL Server 2005 and higher
  • Supports SQL Server Management Studio 2012 and higher
  • Create SQL unit tests directly in SQL Server Management Studio
  • Manage all SQL unit tests from within a single form
  • Multiple sources for installing tSQLt
  • Organize SQL unit tests in test classes
  • Run SQL unit tests with a single click
  • Run SQL unit tests under one class with a single click
  • Get messages about passed and failed SQL unit tests
  • Stop SQL unit test execution at any time
  • Automated SQL unit test execution through the CLI
  • Export SQL unit test results when using the CLI

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August 10, 2016