ApexSQL GDPR Compliance Relief Program

The ApexSQL GDPR Compliance Relief Program is designed to help organizations that use SQL Server for processing and holding personal identifiable information (PII) reduce the cost of complying with GDPR.

GDPR took full legal effect on May 25, 2018 and is intended to protect personal identifiable information (PII) of EU citizens. It applies to all organizations, in or outside the EU, that handle, process, collect and store personal identifiable information of data subjects residing in the European Union.

January 29, 2018

ApexSQL Log 2018 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Log 2018 has been released

About ApexSQL Log: ApexSQL Log is an auditing and recovery tool for SQL Server databases that reads database transaction logs and audits, reverts, or replays data and object changes affecting the database. It restores updated or missing data and objects, and captures information on the user, application and host used to make each change.

November 28, 2017