Video – ApexSQL disaster recovery video series – Rogue delete

This video provides a solution to a Rogue delete disaster recovery scenario.

Learn how to quickly recover data lost due to a Rogue delete operation, using ApexSQL Log and/or ApexSQL Recover.

ApexSQL Log is an auditing and recovery tool for SQL Server databases that reads database transaction logs and audits, reverts, or replays data and object changes affecting the database. It restores updated or missing data and objects, and captures information on the user, application, and host used to make each change. Learn more.

ApexSQL Recover is a SQL Server data recovery tool that recover data lost due to deleted, dropped and truncated data. It is able to recover from live databases and transaction logs, detached databases and transaction log files as well as native or compressed transaction log and database backups. Learn more.

June 22, 2016