Visual Studio 2012 support and faster coding with snippets – Sneak Peek – ApexSQL Complete 2012 R2

We at ApexSQL are happy to announce our upcoming free product, ApexSQL Complete 2012 R2

ApexSQL Complete is a Free SSMS and Visual Studio add-in which speeds up SQL coding. It allows SQL developers to auto complete SQL code statements, automatically fill in SQL code fragments, highlight syntax errors and much more

Let’s take a quick look at some of the features. Click the thumbnails for a larger version of the image:

Quick cache refreshing

A new top menu item allows quick cache refreshing. Using cache files speeds up SQL auto-complete performance when ApexSQL Complete retrieves information about a database. If the structure of SQL Server databases has been modified, for example if a table has been added to the database, you can refresh the cache files so that the changes are shown accurately. ApexSQL Complete updates the cache files ready for you to use immediately

A new top menu item - Refresh cache

Code structure viewer

Use this viewer to explore the internal structure of the various files or fragments of SQL code. The dialog box enables you to keep on working with SQL queries while being opened

SQL complete - Code structure viewer

Tooltips for identifiers

View a detailed description of each database identifier

Tooltips for each SQL database identifier

Faster coding with snippets

Save frequently-used SQL code structures as snippets and insert context-specific values as needed

SQL Complete snippet manager

Closing characters auto insertion and highlighting

Whenever you type an opening SQL code delimiter (, [, “, or ‘, a paired character is inserted automatically (whenever appropriate). If you change your mind and press Backspace to delete an opening delimiter, its closing pair will also be deleted.

Closing characters auto insertion and highlighting - image1

Closing characters auto insertion and highlighting - image2

Square brackets auto insertion for identifiers

As the identifiers are typed in, SQL auto-complete functionally encapsulates them with square brackets.

Highlight of BEGIN/END pairs and brackets

Automatic highlighting of syntax pairs BEGIN/END gives you immediate feedback on whether syntax elements that must be coded in pairs are correctly paired.

Automatic highlighting of SQL syntax pairs BEGIN/END

Support for all Visual Studio versions
Full support for Visual Studio 2012 2010, 2008 and 2005

August 29, 2012