ApexSQL Clean 2008 Upgrade FAQ

ApexSQL Clean 2008 has been released!

For customers under Maintenance this upgrade is free. Your current key will activate ApexSQL Clean 2008

How much will an Upgrade cost if I’m not under Maintenance?

  • $139 with No Maintenance
  • $174 with 1 yr Maintenance
  • $195 with 2 yr Maintenance
  • $202 with 3 yr Maintenance

Note that these discounts are 30%.

Quantity discounts apply, contact sales@apexsql.com for a quote

Why should I Upgrade to ApexSQL Clean 2008?

New features include:

  • Support for new features in SQL Server 2008
  • Improved database parsing speed over 190% for databases with over 500 objects. Memory consumption is also lower by up to 35%

ApexSQL Clean Analysis

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Other information

ApexSQL’s New 2008 line of tools offer full SQL Server 2008 support!

About ApexSQL Clean

ApexSQL Clean analyzes SQL Server database objects' dependencies. Analyze the impact of potential changes and deletions on your SQL database. Determine objects’ interrelationships within the database, between different databases, scripts and even applications

February 25, 2009