ApexSQL Log 2008 Upgrade FAQ

ApexSQL Log 2008 has been released. The original ApexSQL Log has been split into two products for auditing/transaction rollback (ApexSQL Log) and data recovery (ApexSQL Recover). If you have current Subscription, you can upgrade to both products for FREE. Use your existing ApexSQL Log keys to activate ApexSQL Log 2008. Contact sales@apexsql.com to get your free ApexSQL Recover key

Reasons to Upgrade

New ApexSQL Log 2008 features include

  • Improved Accuracy
    Auditing, reconstructing, and rolling back changes made using UPDATE statements have been improved with the addition of database backups as an additional data source
  • Improved Scalability
    The number of databases that ApexSQL Log can audit simultaneously as well as the database size that it can handle have increased dramatically
  • Support for new SQL Server 2008 features
    ApexSQL Log now supports SQL Server 2008. This includes auditing of SQL Server 2008 databases, DML reconstruction and rollback, and DDL scripting
  • Full international support
    ApexSQL Log now reads all international text data no matter what code page (collation) is used for storage.

More information on ApexSQL Log 2008:

New ApexSQL Recover 2008 features include:

  • Recover tables from database backups
    Use ApexSQL Recover to restore only a few tables. You don’t need to restore the whole database backup
  • Restore SharePoint documents
    If you have SharePoint, use ApexSQL Recover to make sure you can recover documents or files that are accidentally deleted. ApexSQL Recover can also extract files from damaged SharePoint databases
  • Support for new SQL Server 2008 features
    ApexSQL Recover’s capabilities can now be used to recover SQL Server 2008 databases, including support for all new data types
  • Full international support
    ApexSQL Recover can now recover all international text data no matter what code page (collation) was used for storage

More information on ApexSQL Recover 2008:

Why are there now two products for ApexSQL Log version 2008, that is, ApexSQL Log and ApexSQL Recover?

Click Here to find out why. Customers who are under subscription will get both for free

What’s the Cost to Upgrade?

To upgrade to just one product (either ApexSQL Log 2008 or ApexSQL Recover 2008):

  • $699 No Subscription
  • $874 with 1-year Subscription
  • $979 with 2-year Subscription
  • $1014 with 3-year Subscription

To upgrade to BOTH ApexSQL Log 2008 and ApexSQL Recover 2008:

  • $1119 No Subscription
  • $1399 with 1-year Subscription
  • $1567 with 2-year Subscription
  • $1623 with 3-year Subscription

Additional quantity discounts apply; please contact sales@apexsql.com for a quote.

Note: Above prices already include the 30% existing customer discount. This discount will be reduced to 20% after Q1 2009.

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About ApexSQL Log

ApexSQL Log is a SQL Server Transaction Log reader that allows viewing transaction log data in read-friendly format. Audit and undo SQL database changes of your choosing. Determine who changed the data and when the change occurred. Read the transaction log to find out who created, changed or dropped a database object

About ApexSQL Recover

ApexSQL Recover is a tool that recovers data lost due to delete, truncate and drop operations. Recover BLOB data as files and extract data from corrupted databases, detached MDFs or a recent SQL database backup without restoring it

January 22, 2009