ApexSQL Diff 2008: out now!

We have released ApexSQL Diff 2008! ApexSQL Diff 2008 includes support for SQL Server 2008, Source Control project/labels as Data sources, significant performance increases, and major usability/interface improvements

Click here to download. Here are the complete release notes for the new version

ApexSQL Diff 2008 is a spin off of ApexSQL Diff 2005’s structure comparison components. Existing customers under maintenance will get free upgrades to BOTH this and ApexSQL Data Diff 2008 (the latter contains ApexSQL Diff 2005’s data comparison components)

What is New?

Click Here to see What’s New in ApexSQL Diff 2008

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Click Here to read about the power of the new SQL parser in our new 2008 apps

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About ApexSQL Diff

ApexSQL Diff is a SQL Server database comparison and synchronization solution. ApexSQL Diff can compare and synchronize database schemas from live databases, database backups and/or source control systems. ApexSQL Diff ensures that the changes are propagated without problems or errors using proprietary dependency analysis algorithms

November 27, 2008