ApexSQL Diff 2008 released as BETA

We have posted ApexSQL Diff 2008 as BETA for public evaluation. ApexSQL Diff 2008 includes support for SQL Server 2008, Source Control project/labels as Data sources, significant performance increases, and major usability/interface improvements

Click here for more information on the new features of ApexSQL Diff 2008. You can download it here

ApexSQL Diff 2008 is a spin off of ApexSQL Diff 2005’s structure comparison components. Existing customers under maintenance will get free upgrades to BOTH this and ApexSQL Data Diff 2008 (the latter contains ApexSQL Diff 2005’s data comparison components)

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About ApexSQL Diff

ApexSQL Diff is a comparison tool that compares and synchronizes SQL Server database tables, views and all other SQL Server objects. Compare SQLServer 2000, 2005, 2008 and 2012 database schemas, database backups, and integrate with all major source control systems. Use ApexSQL Diff to deploy a specific SQL database version or label directly to or from source control

November 17, 2008