ApexSQL Edit discontinued

ApexSQL Edit, a standalone SQL Editor, has been discontinued in favor of standalone Add-ins for SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio

We apologize for any inconvenience to existing customers. We are offering continued dedicated support and FREE migration paths to comparable tools, which in several cases are FREE for the life of the product

Existing customers with a current Support and Upgrades subscription will still get dedicated support for the duration of their subscription

They are also able to migrate for FREE following including

  • FREE license(s) to ApexSQL Profile and ApexSQL Source Control with 3 years Support and Upgrades
  • FREE license(s) to ApexSQL Developer Studio with a comparable Support and Upgrades subscription (e.g. 1 year for 1 year)
  • We’ll consider customer migrations/upgrades as well – just ask!

Existing customer discounts are also available for ApexSQL Edit customer, with lapsed subscriptions, for any upgrades. Contact us for more information

Our existing Add-ins have updated engines, improved quality, and in many cases additional features than the latest version of ApexSQL Edit. They are all under active development. Here are some articles that cover the differences:

ApexSQL Edit vs. Add-ins – Part 1: Object and text search
ApexSQL Edit vs. Add-ins – Part 2: Visual dependencies
ApexSQL Edit vs. Add-ins: Part 3 – Auto Complete
ApexSQL Edit version control vs. ApexSQL Source Control
ApexSQL Edit profiling vs. ApexSQL Profile
ApexSQL Edit refactoring vs. ApexSQL Refactor

We are currently engaged in a new development cycle for ApexSQL Complete where we will be further improving quality, performance, usability, as well as adding features. We would appreciate any feedback, bug reports, etc

If you have any comments, concerns, questions, issues etc. please contact us at

Product support        support@apexsql.com

Customer relations     customers@apexsql.com

Sales                        sales@apexsql.com

President                  president@apexsql.com

April 15, 2013