ApexSQL Job 2018 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Job 2018 has been released

About ApexSQL Job: ApexSQL Job is a database administration tool used for SQL Server Agent job management across multiple servers. The SQL Server Agent jobs can be created, edited, deleted or disabled from the central application console. Execution history of SQL Server Agent jobs is presented in graphical and tabular view with an easy overview of failed jobs. Job history can be exported to CSV, XML, HTML or PDF documents. SQL Server Agent logs can be accessed directly, and further organized and filtered to determine potential issues with SQL Server Agent service or SQL Server Agent job execution. All managed SQL Server and SQL Server Agent services can be easily controlled through the application’s server pane. The application also allows for quick and straight forward management of schedules, alerts and operators.

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About this release:


  • Support for SQL Server 2005 and higher
  • Manage SQL Server Agent jobs across multiple servers
  • Manage SQL Server and SQL Server Agent services
  • Manage SQL Server schedules
  • Define and manage SQL Server alerts
  • Detailed job history overview
  • Export job details to PDF, HTML, XML or CSV format
  • Export SQL Server Agent job execution history to PDF, HTML, XML or CSV format
  • Read SQL Server Agent logs
  • Export SQL Server Agent log details to PDF, HTML, XML or CSV format
  • Configure and send e-mail, pager and Net Send system notifications
  • GUI themes

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March 29, 2018