ApexSQL Model 2019 – Product update alert

ApexSQL Model 2019 has been released

About ApexSQL Model: ApexSQL Model creates database model diagrams and can be used to synchronize changes with existing databases. ApexSQL Model is used for database reverse and forward engineering in synergy with ApexSQL Diff and allows for data model diagrams appearance customization, printing and exporting into several graphical image formats.

For more information, visit the ApexSQL Model product page

About this release:


  • SQL Server 2019 support
  • Constraint customization
  • Create a model from a snapshot
  • Export selected part of a diagram as image
  • Generate SQL script from a model
  • Index customization is added in the Edit table dialog
  • Import only selected objects from database to model
  • Profiles for table customization
  • Show/hide tables on diagrams

Improved quality:

  • 12 bugs fixed


  • The application now only loads schemas and tables when using the Create model from a database feature, instead of all objects from a loaded database

Known limitations:

  • “Azure Active Directory MFA Authentication is not supported” error is encountered when using execute now for create database, compare to a database or update database options with the Active Directory – Universal with MFA support authentication

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December 6, 2019