ApexSQL Monitor feature highlight: Reporting

In the next release of ApexSQL Monitor 2015 R3, a new feature capable to generate various monitoring reports will be implemented.

Reports are divided in the three main sections, with their subsections:

  • Statistics
  • Summary
  • Health

Below, some shots for each report type are presented

The Statistics section is focused on statistical report types related to the SQL Server, Database, Buffer and pages, CPU and Disk reports

SQL Server
Statistics - SQL Server

Statistics - Database

Buffer and pages
Statistics - Buffer and pages

Statistics - CPU

The Summary section is focused on basic summary information presented via the SQL Server, Database and Alerting reports

SQL Server
Summary - Server instance

Summary - Database

Summary - Alerting

The Health section provides reporting for the System, Server instance, Database and Query health status

SQL Server
Health - Server instance

Health - Database

Health - Query

All reports contain charts for graphical representation of specific data documented in the report. Here is an example from the Database health report which shows transaction log file size and average transaction log file size in selected time periods for specified SQL Server databases

May 13, 2015