Coming soon in ApexSQL Edit – New refactors, decryption and sql error highlighting

We are excited to announce several new features soon to be released in ApexSQL Edit. The new version is in final testing and should be released in July. This upgrade will be free for all existing customers of ApexSQL Edit 2008 under Software Assurance

Smart Rename and Move Schema Refactoring

Smart renaming of object, columns, and parameters will be available, along with the ability to easily change the schema of objects, while automatically updating all referencing objects throughout the database

Smart Rename and Move Schema Refactoring

Smart Rename Objects – Change the name or schema of tables, views, functions, and stored procedures

Smart Rename Columns – Rename columns within tables and views

Smart Rename Parameters – Rename parameters within functions and stored procedures

Remove Parameter Refactoring

This refactor will allow users to easily remove parameters from stored procedures and functions, automatically updating all dependent objects

Remove Parameter Refactoring

Inline Script Error Highlighting

This feature will automatically detect and highlight more than 250 common syntax and semantic errors in real time

Inline Script Error Highlighting

Object Decryption for MSSQL 2005 and 2008

We’ve added support for decrypted objects in SQL Server 2005 and 2008 to allow them to be scripted, refactored etc just as easily as un-encrypted objects

Formatting Interface facelift

We’ve given our formatting interface a major face lift including improved navigation, organization, and visual help and formatting previews

Formatting Interface facelift

These additional features will complement our current set of refactors, including:

  • Qualify Object Names – Add missing schema and data source name to object and column names
  • Expand Wildcards – Replace * in SELECT * with explicit list of referenced columns
  • Generate Client Code (i.e. C#, Java, VB.NET) – Translate scripts for use in client languages
  • Encapsulate SQL into as Scalar Function – Extract scalar expressions into new scalar function and replace with function call
  • Encapsulate as Inline Table-Valued Function – Extract queries into new table function and replace with function call
  • Encapsulate as Stored Procedure – Create stored procedure based on selected code fragment and replace with procedure call

copy SQL code as

Even more refactors coming soon!

We are planning to release even more refactors soon including:

  • Find Unused Variables and Parameters – Find and highlight all unused variables and parameters
  • Add Surrogate Key – Generate surrogate key and add foreign key columns to linked tables
  • Replace One-to-Many link with Associative Table – Automatically create associative table based on complex one-to-many links
  • Encapsulate as View – Store queries as views for use in future scripts
  • Expanded Formatting Options – Improved automatic script formatting features and controls
  • Introduce Parameter – Add parameters to functions and procedures and automatically update all function or procedure calls
  • Change Signature – Change order of parameters within functions and procedures and automatically update all function or procedure calls
  • More formatting options – more than double the current set of formatting options to offer much more power and granularity

About ApexSQL Edit

ApexSQL Edit is a SQL Server code editor with advanced SQL formatting, refactoring and autocomplete functions. Edit SQL using code snippets and templates in a single integrated environment

June 12, 2010