Delta team update: ApexSQL Generate – Update 2

What have you been working on?

  • We have released ApexSQL Build 2015 with added support for SQL Azure servers/databases. It can now be used as an Azure migration tool. Also, we added support for Mercurial and Perforce source control systems.
  • We are currently working on a new version of ApexSQL Generate – a tool for creating and inserting test data for SQL server and SQL Azure databases.

What is the ETA to production?

  • ApexSQL Build 2015 is released. See the latest release notes here
  • ApexSQL Generate 2015 R4 is planned for June 2015. See our product roadmap here

What are some new features planned in the next release?

Here are the new features planned for ApexSQL Generate 2015 R4, ETA June 2015:

  • Built-in named predefined generators for inserting street names, personal names, phone numbers and more. Great for simulating real-life data
  • Filling a table with values from other compatible table or CSV file through an easy-to-use Mapping wizard
  • Reviewing the action plan before generating data
  • Improved foreign key generator for easy and automatic data consistency based on the current database architecture
  • Easy generation of test data or re-execution of saved project through a Command Line Interface (CLI)

What is planned in future releases and what are ETAs?

Some features planned in the next releases are:

ApexSQL Generate R5 – ETA July 2015:

  • Named generators – save any generator with custom settings and reuse it at will. Great for testing the behavior of multiple databases against the same set of generated data. Easy customization and personalization of existing generators
  • Warnings for conflicts with database settings and information on possible outcome
  • Execution of additional scripts before and after test data insertion
  • SQL Server Management Studio integration to allow generation of test data directly from SSMS

What are other tools you support and what are your plans for them?

Besides ApexSQL Generate and ApexSQL Build, Delta team is working on ApexSQL Script – a tool for scripting SQL objects and data into scripts and deployment packages

We are planning to release a new version of this tool in July with support for Mercurial and Perforce source control systems.

May 7, 2015