Delta team update: ApexSQL Generate – Update 4

What have you been working on?

Delta team has continued to work on improving ApexSQL Generate. Our focus has been on adding new features, improving the old ones and enhancing the UI for better usability, all in order to make ApexSQL Generate the best tool on the market for test data generation.

What is the ETA to production?

ApexSQL Generate 2015 R5 is planned to be in production by the end of September.

What is included in the new release?

One of the things that we will introduce in ApexSQL Generate 2015 R5 is a new set of predefined generators e.g. names, addresses with an improved recognition algorithm. This will ensure that meaningful test data can be applied out-of-box and will increase the total number of predefined generator to over 100.

The new release of ApexSQL Generate will include a lot of new features and here are some of them:

  • Action plan preview before generation

    Action plan preview before generation

  • GUI warning notifications in tree view and preview panel, including warnings for incorrect generator settings, circular dependencies, constraint violations, info messages regarding DELETE triggers enforced for the selected column and more

    GUI warning notifications

  • 100+ meaningful predefined data generators like country codes, file paths, song titles etc.
  • Data generation by setting the execution time
  • Populate rows based on percentage of other table’s row count
  • Full Command Line Interface support
  • Custom user-defined generators – an existing generator with custom settings, named and saved for later usage. It can also be saved in a shared directory, thus making it available for others to use
  • Execution of additional scripts before and after generation

What is planned in future releases and what are ETAs?

By the end of 2015 we are planning to release another major version – ApexSQL Generate 2016. We will introduce a lot of new features including the SQL Server Management Studio integration and this version is planned to be released in December.

Besides ApexSQL Generate, we are also working on ApexSQL Script and ApexSQL Build.

ApexSQL Script 2014 R4 will be in production by the end of August and it will include the support for Perforce and Mercurial Source Control systems along with fixes for known issues.

We are planning to release the new version of ApexSQL Build in Q4 and it will include support for SQL Server 2016 and full CLI support.

August 24, 2015