Delta team update: ApexSQL Generate – Update 1

What have you been working on?

We have been working on adding new features in ApexSQL Generate, fixing bugs and improving the overall usability and quality of the tool. We have added some new generators including IronPython and Manual foreign key and extended the list of Predefined generators by more than 20, so there are 150+ predefined generators in total.

What is the ETA to production?

ApexSQL Generate 2016 R2 was released to production on February, 26th, 2016.

What is included in the new release?

Graphical dependency viewer – visualize dependent object hierarchy for specified table and save graphical preview as image

Manual foreign key generator – create a relationship to the referenced column with an option to set the percentage of existing (from database) and newly (in referenced generator) created data as data source

IronPython generator – generate data using custom Python code

Preview of exporting content based on current options

Nested list generator – include multiple values in a single list item for gaining more control over the number of occurrences of each value

Weighted list (regular expression) generator – create data using a list of regular expressions with an option to set the number of occurrences for each expression

Ranged list generator – create numeric values by specifying a numeric range and percentage to calculate the number of occurrences

Data randomization by timestamp – generate unique sets of randomized data based on current date and time

Exporting to Excel and JSON formats – export test data with customized options and preview it as separate sheet per SQL table in Excel file or export SQL tables as JSON arrays.

150+ meaningful predefined data generators like country names, world capitals, US cities, book titles, male and female names, social security numbers, email addresses etc. Predefined generators provide more complex, “real world” data


February 29, 2016