Golf team update: ApexSQL Monitor

What have you been working on?

We have been adding new features for ApexSQL Monitor R4 and working on performance and usability improvements

We have also been redesigning the UI in order to improve performance and usability and we are adding support for failover clusters and the ability to monitor SQL Server instance using different Windows credentials

Besides these improvements we are implementing query waits alerting and improving query analysis for single queries

What is the ETA to production?

ApexSQL Monitor 2015 R4 will be released in August.

For a complete schedule of all upcoming releases, please see our Roadmap

What are new features, improvements and bug fixes coming in ApexSQL Monitor 2015 R4?

  • SQL failover clusters support
  • Re-designed interface

  • New Wait stats view with all wait times shown and wait types shown by top 5 categories with wait type details

  • The ability to add an instance for monitoring using different Windows credentials – Monitor SQL Servers by specifying different Windows account
  • Query waits alerting – In case query waits are larger than predefined threshold, alert will be created
  • Single query analytics – Perform detailed query analysis, detect high resources usage, costly nodes, parallelism
  • Chart view redesign
  • More database details is shown when monitoring database performance. Last backup, creation date, recovery model and other details are presented

What are new features, improvements and bug fixes coming in ApexSQL Monitor 2015 R5?

  • Custom system performance metrics – Add and customize system performance metrics
  • Automatic baseline calculation – Dynamically calculate baseline values for the last seven days of collected data
  • Baseline thresholds adjustments – After calculating baseline values and metric thresholds based on standard deviation, manually fine tune different thresholds for desired time
  • VM monitoring – HyperV and/or VMware performance metrics
  • Blocking queries – Easily identify and analyze blocking queries
  • Query performance history – Collect and store query performance in the ApexSQL Monitor database repository to be able to analyze query details on request
  • Tips – Helpful tips to easily detect and analyze performance issues

What are some features planned in the next release(s) and what are their ETAs?

Except adding new features, during upcoming releases, we will be focusing on improving quality, performance and usability of existing features.

The planned release date for ApexSQL Monitor 2015 R5 is Q4 2015.

Some of the features that will be added ApexSQL Monitor 2016 (Q1 2016) are listed below:

  • SQL Server 2016 support
  • Custom defined alerts – Write user-specified queries to run against the monitored database or database repository

July 17, 2015