Name changes related to ApexSQL Audit, ApexSQL Trigger, and ApexSQL Comply

We’ve changed some product names recently here at ApexSQL to better align the core product functionality with the product name

ApexSQL Trigger (formerly ApexSQL Audit) is a trigger based, client auditing tool. Aka a SQL auditing tool for developers. It is ideal for adding auditing capability to a custom client server application and this was exactly the reason why it was originally designed. It works best on generally static/stable databases that don’t have a ton of complexity or transactions. It isn’t meant to audit a lot of databases or servers. But a lot of people coming to ApexSQL now are looking for enterprise level auditing and compliance and when they land on ApexSQL Trigger, this isn’t a product they want

Also, we want people to know up front, that this product is 100% trigger based. If you don’t like triggers, we want you to recognized this in the first 1 second of looking at the product so you can keep looking

Click here to learn more about ApexSQL Trigger (formerly ApexSQL Audit)

ApexSQL Audit (formerly ApexSQL Comply) IS an enterprise level solution for companies big and small. As people come to our website looking for auditing we want them to immediately find this product, as in 90%+ of the cases, this is what they are looking for. ApexSQL Comply just wasn’t a descriptive enough name to help people to select this product

Click here to learn more about ApexSQL Audit (formerly ApexSQL Comply)

So, if you are an existing customer and are a bit confused, we apologize. Hopefully, this will help all customers, both new and old, quickly get to the checkout counter for the exact product that fits their requirements, with no confusion

December 11, 2014