Bravo team update: ApexSQL Audit, ApexSQL Trigger and ApexSQL Doc

What have you been working on?

We have been working on ApexSQL Trigger 2015 version – a tool that seamlessly integrates trigger based audit trails and reporting into your client applications. We are introducing a new feature – possibility to audit DDL changes. Users will be able to track DDL changes on audited database, collect data and generate reports in the similar manner they are currently tracking DML changes.

Another big thing we’ve been working on is integrating trigger based before/after reporting in ApexSQL Audit 2015 R3. ApexSQL Audit users will now have a possibility to monitor before and after values of DML/DDL statements execution

What is the ETA to production?

ApexSQL Trigger 2015 is planned for release in the first half of August 2015. See What’s next page here

ApexSQL Audit 2015 R3 is planned for release in the first half of August 2015. See What’s next page here

What have been some design and technical challenges you have encountered, overcome?

The main challenge was implementation of DDL changes auditing in ApexSQL Trigger. Users will now have a possibility to track all DDL changes on database level and create reports based on captured changes in formats like .docx and .csv.

DDL changes are being captured using only one DDL trigger in the audited database, for the minimal performance overhead of that database instance.

Once the DDL auditing has been set up, ApexSQL Trigger will start tracking all DDL changes in the database made by DDL (Data Definition Language) statements. Collected changes can be viewed from DDL report which is accessed using the ApexSQL Trigger toolbar button

This will open a window where all collected DDL changes can be filtered, previewed and exported into reports

Another challenge was suiting ApexSQL Trigger which is a project-based, single server, single database WinForms based application for integration in multi-server and multi-threaded WPF application such is ApexSQL Audit.

ApexSQL Trigger will be deployed as Before-After module in ApexSQL Audit. This basically means that users will get ApexSQL Trigger functionality for free when buying ApexSQL Audit.

What is planned in future releases and what are ETAs?

Here are some features, improvements and bug fixes coming in ApexSQL Trigger 2015:

  • Database-level DDL changes auditing and reporting
  • More than 40 bugs fixed like:
    • If the user creates trigger that has the same name as the one that the application creates it will be overridden
    • The project file switch /pr when used asks for server and database specification
    • “Could not load the project from the supplied file” error is encountered when opening a project file from different machine
    • Various UI improvements and fixes

ETA for this release is beginning of August.

After ApexSQL Trigger 2015, we plan to work on a release of ApexSQL Doc 2015 R4 which will include several new features such as:

  • Document only server information
  • Display interactive graphical dependencies objects
  • Document object level attributes
  • Specify default output location
  • Insert page breaks for better readability
  • Apply setting in the Custom text tab for both header and footer
  • Document HTML without frames

This release will also include usability and quality improvements, as well as more than 30 bugs fixed. ETA for this release is end of Q3.

For the complete list of features coming in the future releases of ApexSQL Doc, please visit Roadmap page here

If you have any issues or suggestions on your mind, feel free to contact our support and send us your feedback. That will help us to make better tools for you.

August 6, 2015