ApexSQL Audit 2008 Upgrade FAQ

ApexSQL Trigger 2008 has been released!

For customers under Maintenance this upgrade is free. Your current key will activate ApexSQL Trigger 2008.

February 25, 2009

Huge Performance Gains in ApexSQL 2008 Versions

SQL 2008 support, powerful new functionality, more accurate output all delivered with tremendous performance improvements?

Seeing is believing

ApexSQL’s new line of 2008 versions is exponentially faster that anything we’ve released before. Customers will immediately notice the performance gains in most operations, some even more than the average benchmarks we’ve published as the quotes below provide testimonial to.

February 21, 2009

ApexSQL Diff 2008.04 – Product Update Alert

A Minor Feature, Minor Fix version of ApexSQL Diff 2008.04.0221 has been posted. This version enables you to export a database directly into Source Control or a Scripts Folder

February 4, 2009