Automatic SQL query editor renaming: sneak peek at the next release of ApexSQL Search

A new release of ApexSQL Search, SQL object and data search tool, is announced for Q1 2013, and will bring us useful and practical new feature – Automatic SQL query editor renaming

DBAs and SQL developers usually have multiple Query Editor windows open in SQL Server Management Studio, which names each window generically (i.e. SQL Query 1, SQL Query 2, etc.). As soon as all the visible space is filled (which usually takes 4-5 queries), SQL Server Management Studio stacks the rest of them in the drop-down menu at the top right corner of the Query Editor pane

Automatic SQL query editor renaming

The Automatic query editor renaming feature automatically names SQL query windows based on their contents, removing the problem of having to search through a proliferation of open, untitled SQL query windows to find what you are looking for. It scans Query Editor content for changes every two seconds and updates SQL query editor window names if any change is detected. The feature is looking for create, alter, insert, select, update, exec, delete, or truncate SQL statements in the SQL query and renames the SQL query tab using the construction “ ”

February 26, 2013