SQL Solution center round-up – December 15th, 2013 – compliance guidelines for SQL DBAs, SQL Server performance monitoring, rules of SQL formatting

The latest SQL Solution center articles continue the stories about compliance recommendations for SQL Server DBAs, with general instructions, tips, and solutions. Additionally, the series of SQL Server performance monitoring and tuning articles is continued with explanation on other native SQL Server monitoring features, and we also wrote about regular and delimited T-SQL identifiers as the part of SQL formatting rules

The GLBA Compliance for SQL Server DBAs article explains how banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and other institutions that provides financial services can meet GLBA requirements with general security and auditing recommendations for SQL Server databases, with a purpose to protect consumers financial privacy

Similarly, the Basel II Compliance for SQL Server DBAs article provides various recommendations about the Basel II compliance requirements. It explains how the affected institutions (corporate finance, commercial banking, payments and settlements, retail brokerage, trading, sales, retail banking, and asset management) can ensure consistent, safe, and accurate data, with constant control and auditing information availability

The SQL Server performance monitoring with Data Collector article is another sequel in our SQL Solution center about monitoring SQL Server performance. It explains the Data Collector feature, and how can it be used to collect the data necessary to identify and troubleshoot the most common SQL Server performance problems

The Rules of SQL formatting – Regular and delimited T-SQL identifiers article explains the rules and provides examples for delimiting identifiers, and how to avoid unnecessary delimited T-SQL identifiers when using ApexSQL Refactor

December 16, 2013