SQL Solution center round-up – December 31st, 2013 – FERPA compliance for SQL Server DBAs, monitoring SQL Server performance

In the recent SQL Solution center articles we focused on tracking and reporting SQL Server performance issues, and continued compliance recommendations series for SQL Server DBAs

The SQL Server performance monitoring with Data Collector – set-up and usage article is a sequel in our SQL Solution center about monitoring SQL Server performance using the Data Collector feature. It provides details and tips for set-up of the Data Collector feature, and gives recommendations on how to collect the data necessary to identify and troubleshoot the most common SQL Server performance issues

The FERPA Compliance for SQL Server DBAs article provides various recommendations about the FERPA compliance requirements. It explains how the affected institutions (all institutions funded by the U.S. Department of Education) can ensure consistent, safe, and accurate personal student information. Recommendations are provided in several categories, as well as steps and procedures required by SQL Server DBAs

The third sequel of the SQL Server performance monitoring with Data Collector article presents the reports. Hereby, we provide an overview of the reports in Data Collector and recommendations on their usage in SQL Server performance issues troubleshooting – whether using built-in or tailored by your needs custom reports

December 31, 2013