SQL Solution center round-up – June 21st, 2013

In the past two weeks we had some interesting SQL Solution Center articles describing SQL Server topics – each described as a problem (or a challenge) users may encounter with data recovery. Here is the aggregated summary:

Restore of a database to a point in time – the article describes most common causes which may require this type of recovery. It describes how to perform SQL database recovery using SQL Server Management Studio, T-SQL and how to do that using ApexSQL Log pointing to its several advantages

Recover deleted SQL data from transaction logs – the article provides prerequisites for successful transaction log reading and analyzing the process using ApexSQL Log, followed by a detailed description of steps for recovering deleted SQL Server data

Recover deleted SQL data from a backup or from online database files – recovering lost data might require restoring SQL database backup, followed by complex steps of exporting and importing required data. The article also describes other solutions by using one of the following SQL tools: ApexSQL Data Diff, a SQL database comparison and synchronization tool, or ApexSQL Recover, a SQL database recovery tool

July 5, 2013