Steamroller team update: ApexSQL Backup (new product)

What have you been working on?

  • We have been focused on a new product, ApexSQL Backup, for managing SQL Server backups, among other things. Our plan is to release an R1 in a few weeks. We’re wrapping up log shipping code, polishing wizards, doing final updates on installer package and working on general stability/bug-fixes

What problems does ApexSQL Backup solve?

  • Backup cross server backup schedules from single location – no need to track each server individually
  • Automatically notify when failures occur – no need to check each server individually
  • Automatically apply backup policies to new databases – no need to define backup schedules for new databases – default policy is automatically applied
  • Create and apply policies – no need to define backup schedule for every single database – simply create the policy and apply it to all desired databases across multiple servers

What is the ETA to production?

  • The release is planned for early March

What are some cool features planned in the first release?

Here are some cool features:

  • Automatically add a backup plan for new databases – define default server policy and all new databases will follow this schedule unless explicitly defined otherwise without the need to configure new backup schedules when adding a new database
  • Support for all backup options including:
    • Full, differential, transaction log, copy-only, files and filegroups backups
    • Mirroring and split backup files support
    • Backup to a network destination
    • Native compression and native encryption
    • Automatic backup naming schemes (based on a date, type, location…)
  • No vendor locking – all backups can be used by our other tools as well: ApexSQL Log, ApexSQL Recover, ApexSQL Restore, ApexSQL Diff, and ApexSQL Data Diff
  • Full support for restore scheduling
  • Full support for log shipping
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Email notification when failures occur

What is planned in future releases and what are ETAs?

Big features planned in next releases are:

ApexSQL Backup R2 – ETA May 2015:

  • Full SQL cluster support
  • Intelligent backup cleanup to preserve a full transaction log chain
  • Automatically enforced default policies – both per server and global: default policy will be enforced on any server that doesn’t have a scheduled backup policy

ApexSQL Backup R3 – ETA September 2015:

  • Preferred backup period – custom backup scheduling
  • Intelligent scheduling – takes into account at what times backups are running and staggers them within the preferred period, where possible, in order to prevent start at the same time
  • System databases support
  • Post restore script – a custom script that can be executed after a restore
  • Restore with copy logins – recreating all SQL logins after restore
  • Restore to a different collation
  • Cross database job viewer – view all scheduled jobs for all databases
  • Insufficient backup space early alerting
  • Alert if a backup job took longer in comparison to a regular backup time or if a file size was substantially bigger compared to the common size
  • Index defragmentation

February 11, 2015