Visual Studio 2017 RC sim-ship announcement

ApexSQL, a Visual Studio Industry Partner, has announced plans to simultaneously-ship three free Visual Studio add-ins with Visual Studio 2017: ApexSQL Complete, ApexSQL Refactor and ApexSQL Search.

This is the first time ApexSQL has been chosen as a Visual Studio sim-ship partner, and we’re delighted to say our free add-ins are ready for Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate. This also means that as soon as VS2017 RTM is out, we will be shipping versions that support it upon release.

ApexSQL Complete, ApexSQL Refactor and ApexSQL Search are completely free Visual Studio add-ins that can be used to improve SQL Server development productivity, including (but not limited to): SQL code completion, T-SQL format and refactor, database object/text search, and more.

Visit this page to learn more about free Visual Studio add-ins. 

February 14, 2017