SQL Server 2017 support at ApexSQL

Our goal is Day 1 support for SQL Server 2017 which will be made generally available on October 2.

In the past few months we’ve made great progress towards this by successfully adding full support for SQL Server 2017 Windows instances for all our products.

Also, we’ve ensured support for SQL Server 2017 Linux instances for 10 of our products. We’ll be adding support for more tools in the coming months.

Please see our Supported software page for full updated info


September 26, 2017
  • mat perez

    Does ApexSQL Complete support the new SQL Server 2017 syntax?

    • Bojan Petrovic

      Hi Mat,

      ApexSQL Complete supports new SQL Server 2017 syntax but if you find any syntax that we have omitted please drop us an email at support@apexsql.com