Visual Studio 2019 support for ApexSQL tools/add-ins

Visual Studio 2019 GA was released on April 02, 2019 and we are happy to announce Day 1 support for majority of our tools.

Below is the list of ApexSQL products that currently/will support integration into the latest version of Visual Studio 2019:

Add-ins and standalone tools that support integration

Supported version

ApexSQL Compare

2018 R3

ApexSQL Complete

2018 R8

ApexSQL Data Diff

2018 R6

ApexSQL Decrypt

2018 R2 (ETA)

ApexSQL Diff

2018 R4

ApexSQL Enforce

2018 R5

ApexSQL Model

2018 R2

ApexSQL Refactor

2018 R5

ApexSQL Search

2018 R5

For the full and updated list of supported add-ins/tools see our Supported software page – Visual Studio add-in integration section.

You can download the latest version of Visual Studio 2019 from the following link:


April 9, 2019