What’s new in ApexSQL Doc 2017 R4 – Tableau documentation

In the version of ApexSQL Doc 2017 R4, several enhancements have been added.

Support for Tableau server

With the release of ApexSQL Doc 2017 R4 support for Tableau server is added. Tableau servers can be documented from two different editions, Tableau Server and Tableau Online in CHM, HTML, PDF and Word output formats.

To create Tableau server documentation, click the Add Tableau site button in the main ribbon bar and an additional menu will appear where a Tableau server edition needs to be chosen and valid connection credentials entered.

Once the connection details are entered, click OK and the list of connected Tableau sites will appear in the sites grid on the right.

Tableau server documentation can be customized by selecting desired Tableau server properties and details in the Site details tab before creating the final documentation.

A few highlights of Tableau server documentation are shown below:

8 new CLI switches

In this release, 8 new CLI switches are introduced into ApexSQL Doc.

These new CLI switches cover all new GUI enhancements/features and some existing ones

The list of all new CLI switches with their descriptions, is shown below:

/tableau_server_sites Include Tableau Server sites into the processing
Alias: /tss
Format: /tableau_server_sites:server
Specifies Tableau Server and exclude sites list
Alias: /etss
Format: /exclude_tableau_server_sites:server
/tableau_online_sites Include Tableau Online sites into the processing
Alias: /tos
Format: /tableau_online_sites:server
Include Tableau server details.
Alias: /tsd
Projects [tp] – include the “Projects” section
DataSources [tds] – include the “Data sources” section
DataSourceTables [tdst] – include the “Tables” section
DataSourceTableColumns [tdsc] – include the “Columns”
Workbooks [tw] – include the “Workbooks” section
Views [twv] – include the “Views” section
Users [tu] – include the “Users” section
Groups [tg] – include the “Groups” section
Schedules [ts] – include the “Schedules” section
Subscriptions [tsb] – include the “Subscriptions” section
None [n] – None
Default [d] – Default
Arguments can be combined.
Specify the database to create a database snapshot
Alias: /cdbsnp
/database_snapshot Include database snapshot into the processing
Alias: /dbsnp
Format: /database_snapshot:“shapshotpath”
Specify the output directory in which the database snapshot will be created
Alias: /dbsnpod
Specify the file name of the database snapshot that will be created
Alias: /dbsnpfn

For the complete list of check out the article ApexSQL Doc Command Line Interface (CLI) switches.

August 3, 2017